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Multidisciplinary Laboratory for Regional and Sustainable Development - LDR

The Interdisciplinary Laboratory for Regional and Sustainable Development (LDR), coordinated by professor Marina Silva da Cunha, stared to be used by PCE researchers and students in December 2018. This laboratory was funded by FINEP (Finance supporter for studies and projects ) and SETI (State Department of Science, Technology and Higher Education), in the institutional project called “Implementation and consolidation of research infrastructure for emerging groups at the State University of Maringá”, in 2010. The LDR is located in B59 Building at UEM, attached to the Postgraduate Program in Economic Sciences. The lab has six work offices with a total capacity of 25 researchers, as well as a meeting room and a workstation, where the computer facilities are installed.


In the LDR elaborates analyses in regional development, which are one of the research lines in PCE. The research conducted to focus on spatial techniques, which address important tools for geospatial investigations, such as urban space production, productive agglomerations, migratory flows, socioeconomic and environmental impacts, demographic dynamics and social inequalities. In this context, the LDR intends to provide a multipurpose space provided with equipment, which can be accessed by researchers who investigate mainly the highlighted theme.




Undergraduate and graduate professors and students from the Department of Economics showed a Panel of Regional Indicators related to the economic and social development of Maringá municipality and AMUSEP region at the XXXIV Economist.

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