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C34 building

The PCE is part of the Department of Economics at State University of Maringa (UEM), which has located in C-34 Bloc. It has 02 classrooms, one for 46 students and another for 28, as well as a secretary. There are 02 major computer labs, one restricts to postgraduate students. In the labs, students have access to the internet network for the use of personal computers in the bloc facilities.

The graduate laboratory has 16 microcomputers. For jobs that require a lot of data processing, two servers were acquired in the "Pro-Equipment projects," in partnership with the graduate programs of Informatics and Administration of UEM. These servers allow the scanning of the secretariat documents and meet the demands of computing processing for scientific papers. Also, we have a high-performance server that is unique to the applied econometrics disciplines and is capable of serving all students simultaneously.

Besides, The Program has study rooms, with suitable infrastructure and a friendly environment for the dedication to studies and development of dissertations and theses. It is noteworthy that the infrastructure condition is one of the prerequisites necessary for the production of quality research.

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